Super Intelligence Program

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Activate your Super Intelligence!

Through the use of proprietary patent pending 3D Embedded Sound Wave Technology, and unique pedagogy for optimal brain activation, leading you to Super Intelligence with proven results.

Super Intelligence is a hypothetical agent with intelligence far surpassing human intelligence.

When a human can fully optimize his left and right brains such that BOTH are stimulated, developed, enhanced, synchronized and activated to their full potential, and our senses are integrated, we are poised to attain the Super Intelligence level.

Benefits of Super Intelligence Development™ Program
Upon completion of the program, participants will see significant improvements in
1. Focus and Concentration
2. Memory Reaction
(how fast you can store information) and Retention(how fast you can recall information),
3. Creativity and Innovations
4. Brain power
5. Brain waves  - Object recognition without sights



We adopt a 5-step process called the Neuro SDESA™Pedagogy,

1. Stimulate – Brain stimulation through Pictures, Animations, Videos and Finger Exercises.
2. Develop – Right brain development through Chroma Charts.
3. Enhance – Brain wave enhancement through Sound Wave Music.
4. Synchronise – Right and left brain synchronisation through Sound Wave Music.
5. Activate – Cerebellum and Midbrain activation through Sound Wave Music.

We only use proven technology and scientific methods  to develop Super Intelligence Power for both children and adults.

No Chinese or Western medicine.
– No steroids.
No supplements.
– No external equipment.
No super forces or black magic.


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