Oblong Size - 160 x 55, these beauties are perfect for petite women who love to do hair, neck or handbag styling!

100% Silk - Made with the purest silk, light as a feather, making it excellent for women who travel light!

Locally Designed, Make sure to bring them back as a souvenir from Singapore!

Dry Clean

These oblong scarves are a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.. Why?

Feel your beauty thriving in health and vigor with our oblong Orchid Silk scarves..

With these ever-in style lovelies, you can wrap them around your beautiful neck, flaunt your floral side and put on extra eye candy to your outfit for special events!

Created for your elegance and freedom, style them in any way you like! Be it on your neck, hair or even handbags!

Afraid that you will perspire in the unforgiving Singapore weather?

Sweat not, our pure silk scarves are totally air-permeable and rest assured your beautiful skin can breathe freely.

Also, you get to block harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun when you cover it up as well!

With a beautiful oblong scarf, spicing up your selfie, or wearing it as a pants accessory is elegantly simple!

These scarves are probably the most versatile accessory for ladies!

Our Featured Designs for Singapore Orchid Oblong Silk Scarves are -

Rhythm of Orchid, World Symphony, National Flower Vanda Miss Joaquim Blue & Pink

Fun Fact: Singapore is the only nation to have a hybrid as its national flower, as she represents resilience and hardiness.

VIPs and Celebrities like Jackie Chan and Prince William, who receive exotic orchid hybrids named after them when they visit Singapore and they are kept in the Botanical Gardens!

You know what's the best part?

All Scarves and Shawls come with a FREE Gift Box AND FREE Local Shipping!

What are you waiting for?

Get these beauties now!

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