Peranakan Oud is an exclusive and mysterious unisex scent that is worn by the passionate, versatile and zealous.

This Made in Singapore niche perfume has been dedicated to the zestful, keen and earnest. Perfect for the talented aces.

Celebrating the unique cultural merging of Peranakans, this intimate fragrance exudes a mysterious charm. 

As you may know, Oud oil is distilled from Agarwood, and is the one of the most expensive and exclusive ingredient in perfumery. It is formed by the Aquilaria tree to defend itself from beetles.

A sweet, oriental fragrance that soothes you with a smoky floral blend of earthy tones. Simply delicate yet lasting fragrance for a relaxing evening with great company. 

Peranakan Oud Unisex Gender-Free Perfume can complement any occasion and is the perfect perfume for the zest. The Vehement.

Comes in EDT and EDP, 2 sizes 18ML and 100ML. 

Product Description

PERANAKAN PERFUME FOR MEN AND WOMEN Made From Singapore, which emanates the scent of mystery. The scent of unification, for the Sophisticated. 

  • Airy blend of Floral and Smokey notes 
  • Formulated and Produced in Singapore
  • Perfect for both Men and Women  
  • Perfect for office, home and travel use

This expertly blended perfume will release your inner charm and confidence.

How It Will Help Enhance Your Image  

  • Premium Niche Fragrance, Different From Other Designer Labels 
  • Only For the Refined   
  • Chic Scent, Not For Everyone

Made in Singapore

Size: 18 ml / 100 ml 
Variant: Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum 

EDT - 4-8% concentration of the essence with long lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a lighter fragrance
EDP - 8-15% concentration of the essence with longer lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a stronger fragrance 


Use daily at your home/work or on the go! Start with 1 spray each for both of your wrists. Proceed with 1 spray below your Lower Jaw.
Remember to apply directly to your Skin, not clothes. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.  If you over spray, it will be wasted, remember, a little goes a long way!
For best results, apply after a shower and directly to dry skin for maximum effect.

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