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Have you ever thought and planned for your future?

Create the Future you’ve always wanted

Introducing Futuring, a 3Z Planning System to improve your planning quality through precise tools 

3Z Planning System is an expertly designed planner to optimize your efficiency, equipped with 3 precise guides (Inspiration, Plan and Schedule)..

The 3Z Planning System consists of

Z1 - Inspiration, Helping you to generate Ideas and Notes
Z2 - Plan, Making sure you have your Finances and Checklist to match and support your ideas
Z3 - Schedule, You can plan up to Yearly, Monthly and Weekly schedules. Up to 24 Months of Planning  

You are well on your way to achieving your goals!

Your Future is in your hands

Give the Gift of Futuring to a loved one or client.

Our Futuring Planner Package includes -
Personalised name plate
Portable Hole Puncher

*Please include the desired name for the name plate in the additional notes section. 

Product Description

FUTURING 3Z PLANNER - MADE IN SINGAPORE using FSC Certified Paper for refills, through sustainable and responsible sources. This revolutionary planner helps you to create your own FUTURE with a patented planning framework for you to focus on your personal and career goals!

Futuring is purposefully designed with lasting leather cover, & leveraging on universal holes for the refills - this could probably be the last planner you ever need!

With the undated refills, you do not need to wait for the new year to plan your future. You can do it anytime, anywhere!

The Futuring Planner Includes:
• Goal Setting Guide to help reach your goals and desirable Future
• Sketchbook Idea Pages to keep your big picture in mind
• Notepad with lines drawn for brainstorming
• Finance List to zoom in on the important details for your plan
• Personal Checklist for a daily focus towards creating your Future
• Undated Yearly, Monthly, Weekly Calendar for you to keep track of deadlines and appointments
• FSC Certified Paper for our Refills
• Designed, Printed and Quality Controlled in Singapore. We pride ourselves in providing a professional and quality product, worthy of your Futuring
• Perfect for working professionals - men or women
• Perfect as a personalized gift to a dear one.

How It Will Help in Your Futuring:
• A patented planning framework, 3Z Planning - designed to systematically move you closer to your goals
• Inspiration - Futuring provides you with a canvas - Ideas, for you to draft out your big picture and Notes, for the additional scribbles that can help you organize thoughts
• Plan - Project and track the funds you need to execute your plan with Finance and check off your important tasks with Checklist 
• Schedule - Mark down your target dates up to Yearly, Monthly and even Weekly plans
• Ran out of space? No worries, you have the flexibility to add on wherever portion you need with our R'fillae Refills. It is your planner after all.  
• With it's ultra-light and timeless design, you can use it for as long as you want, no dates to restrict you, no such thing as finished. 

Refills Available:
• A5 Refill for Ideas
A5 Refill for Notes
A5 Refill for Finance
A5 Refill for Checklist
A5 Refill for Yearly Planner
A5 Refill for Monthly Planner
• A5 Refill for Weekly Planner
Designed, Quality Controlled and Printed in Singapore

Size: Beautiful A5 - Large enough for inspiring scribbles and Small enough for elegance

Weight: An Ultra Lightweight of 600grams!

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