Active PromistAir Bag

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PromistAir Rejuvenate, PromistAir Focus and PromistAir Joy. 140ml.

The Active PromistAir Bag is the greatest gift you can give your mind and body. Everything you need to heal and nourish your entire body at home and on the go is included in this phenomenal collection. If you crave relaxation, more radiance in your life —this is the perfect PromistAir bag for you.

Our aroma misters are made using only the most pure, unadulterated ingredients to ensure your body stays free of harmful chemicals, and we never test our products on animals.


PromistAir Rejuvenate

PromistAir Rejuvenate is an aroma mist meant for perk-me-ups!

Weight: 140ml

PromistAir Focus

PromistAir Focus is the aroma mist for you to refresh your mind and get back into the game.

Weight: 140ml

The perfect bag for every women

PromistAir is the first Natural Air Purifying Aroma Mist line for women for every generation.

All of our products are simple to use, safe and sustainable.

PromistAir is tailor-made for environmentally concious women with no extra packaging, no animal testing and no parabens and phathalates.

PromistAir Joy

PromistAir Joy gives you the burst of vibrant sunshine to eliminate the dark clouds of your emotions.

Weight: 140ml