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An elegant Perfume for Ladies, Orchids By the Bay.

Orchids by the bay, a beautiful and unique style of exploring the freshness of bay-winds echoing with the delicate Orchids. It is meant to celebrate simple pleasures like siesta on the beach or walking at night on the beach.

This feminine fragrance represents an olfactory ballad that celebrate the relationship between artistic sensitivity and craftsman's expertise.

“A completely free-spirited creation, an unusual homage to freshness, which express the tactile aspect of olfactory raw material.”

*We are very sorry to inform you that due to international customs, we are unable to ship internationally. 

Orchids by the Bay is an exquisite scent that is worn by elegant beauties, composed ladies and creative leaders.

This Made in Singapore niche perfume has been dedicated to the optimistic, calm and focused ladies. Perfect for the women who are the role models in your life.

Inspired by the fresh bay winds guiding the path for the Orchids, this mature fragrance exudes grace and charm. 

Imagine yourself sitting at the bay, you can hear the gentle waves rolling against the rocks and a whiff of fresh sea salt enters your body. Feel the notes of aqua that comes with the breeze on your face. You can also sense a tinge of powdery orchids within. 

Whether you're a strong, independent women taking on your next business, on a quest to spend quality time with your family, or simply winding down with an love interest. Orchids by the Bay Perfume for Women can complement any occasion and is the perfect well-rounded perfume for the graceful lady. The Grand.

Comes in EDT and EDP, 2 sizes 18ML and 100ML. 

Product Description

ORCHIDS BY THE BAY PERFUME FOR WOMEN Made From Singapore, which emanates the scent of style. The scent of Grace, for the Beautiful. 

  • Unique Mix of Floral scent with a tinge of Fresh Salt and Aqua fragrance  
  • Formulated and Produced in Singapore
  • Perfect for women  
  • Perfect for office, home and travel use

This exquisitely blended and mature perfume will release your inner grace and grandeur.

How It Will Help Enhance Your Image  

  • Premium Niche Fragrance, Different From Other Designer Labels 
  • Only For the Elegant and Classy  
  • Mature Scent, Not For Everyone

Made in Singapore

Size: 18 ml / 100 ml 
Variant: Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum 

EDT - 4-8% concentration of the essence with long lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a lighter fragrance
EDP - 8-15% concentration of the essence with longer lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a stronger fragrance 


Use daily at your home/work or on the go! Start with 1 spray each for both of your wrists. Proceed with 1 spray below your Lower Jaw.
Remember to apply directly to your Skin, not clothes. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.  If you over spray, it will be wasted, remember, a little goes a long way!
For best results, apply after a shower and directly to dry skin for maximum effect.

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