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Singapore is One Degree North of Equator, a perfect place to grow Orchids.

This perfume is created to celebrate the Native Orchids, Equatorial Rain and Fresh Breeze that other fresh-goodness comes along with it. Your perfume has timeless notes of variety of orchids, combined with refined new-age notes of Sea-Salt and Aqua, topped with joyful Citrus.

This is a scent of a carefree man, an explorer and a voyager.

*We are very sorry to inform you that due to international customs, we are unable to ship internationally. 

One Degree North is a carefree scent that are a favourite worn by freedom seekers, daring explorers and voyagers.

Since it's launch in 2015, this Made in Singapore niche cologne has been dedicated to the pathfinders, happy-go-lucky and energy bombs. Perfect for the men who are the sunshine in your life.

Inspired by the serene Orchids, this fresh floral and citrus fragrance feels like a fresh breathe of breeze. 

Imagine sitting on the delightful green landscape of the garden city from the first spritz, where tangy Citrus notes take hold. Feel the rain drops that comes with the breeze on your face as fresh notes of orchids tease you. There is no bad weather, only different kinds of bountiful weather that has brought us the beautiful greenery.

Whether you're a daredevil taking on your next adventure, on an exciting date with a love interest, or enjoying a fun day at Sentosa, One Degree North for Men can complement any occasion and is the perfect well-rounded cologne for the free spirited. The Adventurer.

Comes in EDT and EDP, 2 sizes 18ML and 100ML. 

Product Description

ONE DEGREE NORTH COLOGNE FOR MEN Made From Singapore, which releases the scent of adventure. The scent of Freedom, for the Pathfinders. 

  • Bright Citrus scent with a tinge of Floral and Salt fragrance  
  • Formulated and Produced in Singapore
  • Perfect for men  
  • Perfect for office, home and travel use

This specially blended and adventurous cologne will set your free from your limits.

How It Will Help Enhance Your Image  

  • Premium Niche Fragrance, Different From Other Designer Labels 
  • Only For the Daredevils and Pathfinders  
  • Edgy Scent, Not For Everyone

Made in Singapore

Size: 18 ml / 100 ml 
Variant: Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum 

EDT - 4-8% concentration of the essence with long lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a lighter fragrance
EDP - 8-15% concentration of the essence with longer lasting characteristics, suitable for those who prefer a stronger fragrance 


Use daily at your home/work or on the go! Start with 1 spray each for both of your wrists. Proceed with 1 spray below your Lower Jaw.
Remember to apply directly to your Skin, not clothes. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.  If you over spray, it will be wasted, remember, a little goes a long way!
For best results, apply after a shower and directly to dry skin for maximum effect.

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