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*A Gift for Tea Lovers - Enjoy the Tea with good company

*Exquisite Travel Luggage to keep your Singapore memories and a plethora of Tea flavours!

Packed to resemble one’s travel luggage, this gift is a fitting memento for you if you'd like to capture the flavorful medley of experiences in urban Singapore!

This gift set of assorted tea bags celebrates Singapore’s rich and unique blend of cultures and races.

It is also a mysterious souvenir for if you intend to gift it for your friends who haven't been to Singapore.

You may even get a whiff of Singapore's heritage and modern scent while brewing up a good cup of tea!

Celebrating the Year 1872, The Clipper Tea Co pays tribute to the historic Clipper ships that raced to carry chests of the freshest teas to all corners of the world, at the same time acknowledging the year they planted their roots in Singapore.

Each Travel Luggage Contains 2 sachets each of:

Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Ginger, Jasmine Pearls, Yunnan Silver Tips, Gyokuro and Alishan Oolong.



Share your memories in Singapore with your Travel Luggage Tea Set.

Exquisitely designed to provide you with a collection of premium tea flavours, your loved ones definitely deserve this heartfelt treat.

Packed to resemble one’s travel luggage, this gift is a fitting memento if you'd like to bring home the flavorful melting pot of experiences in urban Singapore!

Featuring our Herbals, Blossoms and Luxuries tea leaves range, each Luggage contains 2 sachets each:

Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Ginger, Jasmine Pearls, Yunnan Silver Tips, Gyokuro and Alishan Oolong

Relax without worries with our Chamomile blend. Best enjoyed with a hint of honey.

Cleanse your body and be refreshed with this versatile herb - Peppermint. Perfect to freshen one's breath and aids digestion.

A herb with subtle tinge of citrus goodness, cooling and tasty - Lemongrass provides a delightful refreshment to relax with.

Brimming with zest, spice up your day with a cup of Ginger Tea that is best enjoyed with a hint of honey and lemon.

Fragrant handmade tea scented and presented with Jasmine Pearls, a perfect gift to celebrate precious moments.

The rarest and high quality white tea - With it's mildly sweet and inviting aroma of forest mist, enjoy a serene cup of Yunnan Silver Tips with your loved ones.

Treasured as one of Japan's most precious green teas, Gyokuro is savoured for it's naturally sweet flavour and aroma. Indulge in a silky smooth and delicate cup of green!

With it's flowery and fruity fragrance, Alishan is a favourite  for those who love a sweet smooth taste on their palate. 

Made from Singapore's oldest Tea Producers, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co Tea Blends are widely appreciated for its consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined taste. Coupled with its exquisite packaging, it is sure to charm the pickiest tea lovers.

Let us share with you the Health benefits of the range in Travel Luggage - 

Feeling a tummyache? Chamomile is a herb that has been used for centuries to calm an upset stomach or help with sleeping problems. It has calming effects and it is also known as 'sleeping tea'. Try it for yourself!

Too stressed out at work? Drink a cup of our Peppermint Tea, many find it effective in stopping headaches and sinus problems as it relaxes your blood vessels. You can also steep a cup whenever you are having digestion problems or you'd just like to freshen your breath before meeting with an important client!

Protect your heart with a cup of Lemongrass Tea, as it helps to ease tension in blood vessels. If you're looking to lose weight, the small caffeine content in it also helps to boost your metabolism!

Remember to bring a ginger tea sachet with you if you experience horrible sea sickness while travelling, it helps to reduce vomiting!

Keep your spirits high with a cup of Jasmine Pearl daily to boost your immunity! You may also brew a cup for those have are having cough and cold symptoms!

Detoxify your body with the premium White Tip with it's abundance of polyphenols and amino acids than almost any other tea in the world. White Tip is extremely beneficial to your health, because of its high anti-oxidant content, which is said to help prevent cancer.

Looking to lose weight, feel energized and keep your heart healthy? Brew a cup of Gyokuro tea as it is abandunt in anti oxidenats 
hich are beneficial for speeding up the metabolism and burning calories and excess fat much faster.

Keep your skin looking supple and young with a cup of Alishan Tea every day! 
Additionally, a Japanese study found that 1 gram of organic oolong tea has 0.5 mg of vitamin C (something lacking in black tea). The benefits of the Alishan Oolong come from essential amino acids, a variety of minerals, and a level of caffeine that, while keeping the mind sharp and alert, has a soothing and relaxing effect.

Made in Singapore

Size: 32g - 16 sachets
Expiry: 01/08/2020


Chamomile Includes

·         Chamomile whole flowers form the Nile River, Egypt  

Peppermint Includes

·         Peppermint Tea  

Lemongrass Includes

·         Pure Lemongrass  

Ginger Includes

·         Ginger  

·         Marigold Flowers 

·         Cornflower Petals 

Jasmine Pearls Includes

·         Jasmine Tea from Fujian  

Yunnan Silver Tips Includes

·         Tippy White Tea Leaf Buds from Si Mao  

Gyokuro Includes

·         Shaded Japanese Green Tea from Japan

Alishan Oolong includes

·         Oolong Tea from Taiwan's Famous Alishan Mountain  

How To Steep


jasmine, yunnan & oolong


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