Singapore Orchid Tea Gift Set - 3-in-1

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*A Gift for Tea Lovers - Revitalize your senses with floral aroma and authentic black Ceylon tea Orchid blends.

*Elegant Tea Tins to keep your Singapore memories and Orchid Tea leaves!


A coveted collection of signature Ceylon tea blends, crafted by experienced tea masters at The Clipper Tea Co.

A Gift set fitting as a Singaporean Souvenir with a touch of local flavours that is a definite crowd-pleaser suitable for every occasion.

This gift set consists of 3 Tea Leave blends (3 x 25g), including - 

Orchid Bloom: An invigorating blend of Ceylon black tea, perfectly balanced with cranberry and decadent hints of cream. Topped with delicate orchid petals for a lovely floral finish. 

Halia Blossom: A national favourite – the Teh Halia, otherwise known as ginger milk tea, is a blend of rich Ceylon black tea complemented with ginger and cream flavouring in perfect proportions. Accented with orchid petals, this makes it an ideal after-meal drink.

Dragon Eye Bouquet: Sweet, fragrant and fruity, the full-bodied Ceylon black tea blends beautifully with Ceylon green tea and longan to create lingering undertones of tropical notes. This aromatic blend is completed with exquisite orchid petals to make it an unforgettable one.

Let us share with you the Health benefits of our Black Ceylon Teas

Black teas contain the highest levels of caffeine among all types of tea. If you're looking for an efficient energy boost, this would be an excellent choice!

Orchid Tea Blends makes a great gift for anyone who loves tea, sweets and/or happiness. Don’t forget to get some for yourself too—this holiday hit leaves everyone wanting more.

Made in Singapore

Size: 3 x 25g
Expiry: 01/08/2020


Orchid Bloom Includes

·         Pure Ceylon Black Tea  

·         Cream Flavouring

·         Cranberry Flavouring   

·         Orchid Petals 

Halia Blossom Includes

·         Ceylon Black Tea  

·         Ginger Pieces 

·         Cream Flavouring 

·         Orchid Petals 

Dragon Eye Bouquet Includes

·         Ceylon Black Tea  

·         Ceylon Green Tea 

·         Apple Dices 

·         Longan Flavourings 

·         Rambutan Flavourings 

·         Orchid Petals

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