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*Relive your childhood memories with these sleek Singaporean postcards!

*Share moments of the past with your penpals with these quirky postcards..

Let’s talk about Childhood snacks.

For the Singapore people, Remember Mamee? Or does BaiTu NaiTang sound familiar?

You could almost see yourself visiting the 'mama shop' right now don't you?

Or the times where you could be in cloud nine when you taste one of these delicious Milk Rabbit sweets?

Now you can share and reminisce your good ol' childhood memories with these postcards, locally designed by ArtofChris!

Pen down your heartfelt feelings with these memorable postcards and send them to your friends for a blast from the past!

From the series of food to games, these postcards are perfect as gifts for your childhood friends to send a greeting or share a memory of the past with them.

Hand painted originally by Chris with Watercolors/Ink, and now it's up for sale as reproduction Prints/postcards. 

Friends coming from out of town? You can also get a few postcards for them to remember you by! Make sure they get some snacks as well!

Made in Singapore

Select your tasty postcard designs below!

Each design comes in A6 size, with matte finish paper for your comfort & easy hand-writing!

Mamee, Milk Tablets, Mini Burger, Mini Cola, Potato Wheels, Paddle Pop Ice Cream, PEZ Sweet, Plum Candy, Pola Snack, Push Pop, Tora, Traditional Ice Ball, Trolli Pizza Gummies, Red Bean Potong, Ring Pop, KAKA Chicken Snacks, Kreiten's Sweet, Ligo's Raisin, Magnolia Pyramid Shape, Hacks, White Rabbit Candy, Hawflakes, Hiro Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream W/Bread, Jelly Cups.

Huat Kueh, Soon Kueh, You Tiao, Pisang Goreng, Yam Cake, Ang Ee, Kueh Lapis, Ondeh Ondeh, Kuih Talam, Kuih Ketayap, Tutu Kueh, Hainanese Yi Kuah, Putu Mayam, Pulut Inti, Chwee Kueh, Mian Jian Kueh, Kek Lapis, Getuk Ubi, Png Kueh, Muah Chee.

BRR BLOBS, Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer, Bee-Bee, Biscuit Piring, Ding Dang, Fancy Gem Biscuits, Button Filled Masks, Chewing Gum, Fruits Lolipop, Gotcha Colour Pencil & Fruito, Kacang Puteh, Ting Ting Candy.

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Additional Information 

Dimension: A6

Materials: Matte finish paper / FSC (MS) UNCTD A-SNOW: 300gsm paper.

Origin: Singapore Design 


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