Age Miracle Face Cream Moisturiser 50ml - Singapore Gift

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Firm up loose skin caused by aging with this nutrient-rich cream, formulated with highly concentrated Ginseng extract that penetrates deeply into your skin for optimal results. 
This cream moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration and increases your skin elasticity, thus visibly improving the appearance of you skin.
Infused with Ginseng & Licorice extract that contains Glabridin, it is an effective skin lightener that helps decrease the production of melanin.
The Glycyrrhetinic Acid rebalances dermal cells and boosts cell regeneration.
This product also contains rich nutrients such as antioxidants from Celery, tomato,Carrot, Turnip, Rice and Clove Flower to protect skin from all the evil forces in the environment such as free radicals.
This product is formulated with pure natural ingredients and FREE of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Artificial Colouring, Mineral Oil and Phthalate.
Made in Singapore under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.
Why You Need It
  • Brighten the complexion for a radiant complexion from inside out.
  • Actively fight against environmental aggressors to slow down aging process.
    Key Ingredients:
    Asiatic Ginseng Root + Licorice + Celery + Tomato + Carrot + Turnip + Rice + Clove Flower. 
    Hero Ingredient: Ginseng
    Ginseng is a health benefiting ingredient and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Chinese immigrants settled along the Malacca Straits still keep a tradition of drinking Ginseng tea or using Ginseng in their daily cuisine as they believe Ginseng has various health benefits. Now it has been widely adopted in many western countries due to its medicinal properties. 
    Ginseng has been used as a key ingredient for anti-ageing treatment.