A Sip of Singapore Tea - Garden Tea and Orchid Tea

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*Packaged as a gift set for Tea Lovers and Singapore Travelers

*Exquisite Mini-Tin to prevent leakages of your favorite tea leaves!

*Explore these delicate flowery blends from Singapore!

Nothing warms the soul like a cup of fragrant tea.. 

Make your gift intimate and personal with Sip of Singapore Tea today.

Take a Sip to Singapore

Packed in 2 beautiful tins, your loved ones deserve this radiant treat - Singapore's Garden Tea and Orchid Tea.

Designed as a Singapore Souvenir, A Sip of Singapore is an apt representation of Singapore, this Tea duo showcases the City in a Garden.

With every sip, this enchanting tea will bring you and your loved ones to the special moments created in this beautiful Garden City. 

As the aroma wafts to your senses, relax and enjoy the release that a beautiful garden brings.

The Garden Tea is a delicate blend of the Finest Black Ceylon Leaves Sri Lanka can offer and a sprinkling of natural rose petals.

Best savored in the evening with a loved one, celebrate the season with this festive blend of sweet rose petals and black tea.

With the Orchid Tea, an enchanting floral blend of Ceylon Green & Black Tea with lingering orchid petals awaits.

creamy combo of light floral aroma, coupled with sweet fruity flavours from fresh longan.

Made from Singapore's oldest Tea Producers, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co Tea Blends are widely appreciated for its consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined taste. Coupled with its exquisite packaging, it is sure to charm the pickiest tea lovers.

Let us share with you the Health benefits of our Garden Tea (Black Ceylon Tea)

Black teas contain the highest levels of caffeine among all types of tea. If you're looking for an efficient energy boost, this would be an excellent choice!

Our Garden Tea also contain the highest levels of theaflavins and thearubinins. 

These compounds are just as effective as the catechins in green tea in preventing heart disease, stroke and cancer, and lowering cholesterol!

So if you're looking for a change from green tea, you can enjoy your healhy black tea as well!

Made in Singapore

Size: 2 x 20g
Expiry: 01/08/2020


Garden Tea Includes

·         Pure Ceylon Black Tea  

·         Rose Petals  

Orchid Tea Includes

·         Ceylon Black Tea  

·         Ceylon Green Tea 

·         Apple Slices 

·         Longan Flavourings 

·         Rambutan Flavourings 

·         Orchid Petals

How To Steep

Garden Tea

Orchid Tea

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