Private Wedding Dance Instructor in Singapore

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Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Dance. Guaranteed.

Or You Get 1 Free Session. 

We are the only wedding dance provider that guarantees you to be able to perform the dance or we'll give you an absolutely FREE 1 Hour Private Session to make up for it (One Instructor to One Pair).

Looking for a fun & patient Wedding Dance Instructor to get you ready for the BIG day?

Our resident dance instructor, Nicholas Yue, is an experienced professional in choreographing different kinds of wedding dances using Ballroom.

He has taught many students in National University of Singapore and held open classes for ballroom dancing all around Singapore.

He is also an Amateur Asia Pacific Finalist 2018

We guarantee that you'll enjoy yourselves with our capable & patient instructors and we also provide a practice video recording for you to revise & view when your session is over. 

We have come up with a range of private lessons to get you the confidence and skills you need to do the first dance successfully, and to make it a meaningful, intimate part your special day!

Why Choose Us?

1. Our private instructors are flexible and more able to cater to your preferred timings and venues, unlike traditional classes. (in Singapore only).
Which means, You get to decide when and where you want to dance, our space or your own home!

2. All Prices are inclusive of Studio Rental / Instructor Travelling Expenses, Which means no hidden costs for you. 

3. We have spaces near Lavender & Tanjong Pagar area for you to practice (depending on availability).

4. All of our packages include our Dancer Guarantee, where we'll give you a FREE 1 Hour Session to help you if you're still unable to perform.

5. Also, you'll also be assigned a dedicated coach, & receive fully personalized coaching where your personal coach can guide your progress & to ensure that you can perform the dance!

6. We also provide complimentary dance practice video recording for you to revise & view when your session is over. 

Most importantly, we guarantee that we'll make it fun and easy to learn for you!

Be ready to surprise your wedding guests during the special day! 

60 Mins Ballroom Dance Crash Course

This is a popular choice for our time-rushed wedding dance students, as well as those who need to learn a simple ballroom dance with no dancing background!

  • Learn to feel the rhythm of the music and count the timing.. 
  • Learn the proper footwork positions of ballroom dancing!
  • Exude confidence in your dance with proper postures!

After this crash course, our objective is to get you to perform a simple, basic ballroom dance that can be used for a wedding dance.

This is perfect for beginners to get your feet wet and you'll be sure that you'll be able to wow your audience! 

Also, this private class is made for your convenience, where we arrange to practice at your preferred location (your home or our dance spaces)

It is also one where you'll get full, focused attention from your instructor and you can ask them any questions you may have.

  • $180 per couple per session (60 minutes) 

​Personalized Wedding Dance Choreography
Looking to perform an original & personalized wedding dance during your special night? 

Or you have own ideas of your romantic first dance and just need an expert's guidance to choreograph it? 

Save the headaches and let our instructors bring you through 5 private sessions to choreograph a performance specially tailored for your needs that will wow your audience!

Two Simple Steps

1. Your Music Choice (about 2 minutes)

2. Pick your preferred dance style from Ballroom, Latin and Social!

And our instructors will do the rest!

For the first session, our instructors will roughly evaluate your dancing skills and will adjust the choreography accordingly to your level & wants.

Rest assured and be confident for your wedding performance! 

  • S$850 as a pair, for 5 private sessions (60 minutes each) 

  • 5 sessions is required for full choreography so that we can gauge & craft a suitable, personalized ballroom dance and sufficient practice.  

Do provide us with the date of your wedding/performance and approximate floor size. It will be best to start practicing 2 months before the big day!

​The FULL Wedding Dance Package
Afraid that you're unable to nail your personalized choreography down within 5 sessions as a total beginner or you think you have 2 left feet?

A full-on package to ensure that you have the best experience and confidence to carry out your wedding dance performance, our lead instructor Nicholas, recommends a combination of basic ballroom dance classes and choreography sessions to train you both to carry out your dream performance on the big day!

What you're going to get:

  • 5 private, personalized sessions of Ballroom Dancing classes (60 minutes each) U.P ($900)

  • 5 sessions of Wedding Choreography / Practice classes (60 minutes each) ($900)

  • Pick and mix different dances (Latin Ballroom, like Waltz & Rumba)
  • Learn Competition-level techniques and be absolutely confident on your big day!

A total of 10 sessions at only S$1300 (You save $500 & get the best experience + your utmost confidence) 

For the first 5 sessions, our instructors will teach you the basic ballroom dance techniques and will adjust the choreography accordingly to your learning level & wants.

*Your instructor may observe that both of you are ready to practice your choreography even before completing the 5 sessions, & upon your approval, we can switch out to practice your choreography sooner & vice versa.*

Two Simple Steps To Your Personalized Wedding Dance

1. Your Music Choice (about 2-4 minutes)

2. Pick your preferred dance style from Ballroom, Latin and Social!

And our instructors will do the rest! 

Please provide us with the planned date of your wedding and approximate floor size.


How do I make a booking?

Simply select the class that you wish to attend, the date and time of your preference and make payment.

After that, our instructors will contact you through the phone or email to arrange for the timings & venues of any following sessions like the Personalized Wedding Choreography and Wedding Dance Package.

What if I'm unable to make it to the class after I've made the booking?

Please contact us at +65 8333 0360 as soon as you can. We can arrange for a FREE reschedule of the class if we are notified 24 hours prior to the intended session. 

What should I wear to dance?

For your clothes, you can wear something comfortable like your exercise kit.

Any well-fitted shoe with a smooth sole that will stay on your foot when raising your heel.

If you can, bring the shoes that you intend to perform in.

Don't wear sandals or flip flops.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our classes are aimed at adults couples. We do make special arrangements to teach younger kids if requested. Do inform us if you have any medical concerns, existing conditions or injuries.

When and where do you teach your private dance lessons?

All lessons are arranged by appointment at a location convenient for you.

Either your home, your condo's function room, or anywhere that space is available (open air lessons are also possible as long as the ground surface is suitable). 

We also have spaces near Lavender & Tanjong Pagar area for you to practice (depending on availability).

Our prices are also inclusive of our space rental / instructor travelling expenses, so there's no hidden fees for you!