SaberFit, the galaxy’s most exciting fitness workout.

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SaberFit is a high energy group fitness class that combines combat sabers, saber striking techniques and fitness exercises, perfect for both beginners and exercise enthusiasts. With a glowing combat saber in hand, you get to work out to a sweat-inducing mix of cardio, calisthenic and conditioning routines. Coupled with adrenaline-pumping music in the background, SaberFit creates a full-body toning experience that you will love.


Duration - 1 Hour


Experience includes:
  • Burn up to 600+ Calories per hour
  • 10 Muscles Groups Trained
  • Improve Stamina and Coordination
  • Full-body Toning Experience
  • 1000+ Saber Strikes
  • Endless Fun & Excitement

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