Energia FREE Nap Therapy

Recharge yourself with a FREE Power Recharge Therapy

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Are you experiencing jet-lag from your flight to Singapore?

Stress and aches from your workload preventing you to sleep well at night?
Resulting in low energy levels and fatigue during the day? 

We are glad to offer you a FREE Power Recharge Therapy* to help you wake up recharged, pain free.

A non-invasive acupuncture, the POWER RECHARGE uses a proprietary energy resonance technology that uses gentle pulsating electromagnetic waves to recharge and regenerate the body organs to induce faster recovery. 

It is a 3 in 1 therapy - cell therapy, light therapy and sound therapy to stimulate, regulate or sedate the body based on the program selected. 

We are also happy to include a FREE AcuGraph Health Screening (Worth $120) to help identify any meridian blockages and monitors the healing process during a treatment sequence.

Duration - 20 mins

*Free trial for first timers only

Location - Near City Hall MRT
Energia @ The Adelphi
1 Coleman St #04-59
The Adelphi, S(179803)
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