Tommy Weaving & The Adventures at Sea (Book 2)

Tommy Weaving & The Adventures at Sea (Book 2)

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I am extremely excited to share this gripping fantasy series written by our local author – Yang Kah Choon!

Following on the teaser for
 the first Tommy Weaving book, which you should totally check out here if you love fantasy novels, Here's a little teaser from Book 2 - Tommy Weaving and The Adventures at Sea!


Chapter One - First 2 Pages (Sample)

A Secret Mission for Black Tiger                          .

Riding high on the emotions of their victory, Tommy and his teammates were led into an unexpected situation. With disbelief etched on their faces, they realised that they had won over a great number of spectators from the opposing side—whose floods of joy now merged with waves of passion from the Silver Lions fans in celebrating their triumph at the fabulous game. Such strong unity displayed even attracted a few Mountain Bears who jointly celebrated with them.

Thrilled to bits with the sensational union of supporters for both sides, Miss Meggie and other teachers took tremendous delight in organising a large celebratory post-game event, which included a campfire party and big barbecue that would further heighten everyone’s joviality.

Amidst a sea of thunderous cheers from the massive crowd, the school’s gardener was honoured to carry out his role of starting the big barbecue by lighting fires on the stacks of the Star Towers, which stood proudly at the three Star Tower Points established during the game by the champion team. Beautifully and vibrantly, the flames grew and danced on the wood, reflecting the strong glow of champions’ pride and supporters’ jubilance.

Many students chorused exuberantly in unison and joy as they formed dense rings around each of the three sets of burning Towers. The sizzle of food being grilled could be heard over numerous barbecue pits surrounding the fires, after which the partygoers enjoyed delectable food that complemented their excited moods. Chatter and laughter rang out constantly at the party as the moon gleamed pleasantly in the cloudless starry sky with everyone’s spirits shining brightly like the burning Towers.                                       

Tommy had already spent some great moments revelling in the festivities with his friends, so much so that he had to promise them again and again that he would rejoin them; slowly, he excused himself as he was eager to prepare a good feast for Ki Ki in private.

Wholeheartedly, Tommy cooked and placed as much delicious barbecued food as he could carry on a large tray. Grabbing a big flask of ice-cold, freshly squeezed orange juice by its strap, Tommy was convinced that the spread of sumptuous food would set Ki Ki’s eyes alight with joy.

Placing a portable camping lamp on a corner of the tray, he instantly had the food and juice glistening temptingly under its bright, amber light. Feeling a swell of delight, he carried the tray and took off to the spot where he had earlier asked his wonderful friend to stay before the game.

.                                                            .

After escaping from Black Tiger, the squirrel had returned to the same spot to wait for Tommy all this while, but he had contemplated running over to join him at the party. Then, he remembered Dr Malcolm reminding him many times before that strangers would not hesitate to capture him. They would enjoy locking him up in a cramped cage in a dark place, make him their slave pet and subject him to living conditions so horrible that even a full-grown captive tiger would choose rather to be made into a rug laid on the floor of someone’s living room. Ki Ki had shown great fortitude in holding himself back.

The squirrel had been keeping his eyes wide open ever since the barbecue started, scanning the surrounding areas enthusiastically for Tommy. When he eventually spotted his keenly expected friend walking towards him, he leapt and somersaulted excitedly in mid-air with a strong spurt of energy which surprised even himself.

When he further noticed the tray of delicious food lit pleasingly by the lamplight, complete with a flask of thirst-quenching fruit juice, he could not suppress a rush of elation which gushed out with great force like a wall of water raging through a burst dam.

Clapping his little paws incessantly, the squirrel squeaked in a high-pitched voice, ‘TOMMY! TOMMY! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! IT’S AN OUTSTANDING VICTORY! IT WAS WONDERFUL BEYOND...BEYOND TREES!’ The squirrel had gone over the top in his enthusiasm to congratulate Tommy. However, in his excited eagerness, he did not know exactly what to say, spewing out random words as long as they could somehow convey his meaning.

Tommy was amused by the oddly delivered compliment, and replied in a tone suggesting he would be very pleased to give Ki Ki a hug, if it were…(to be cont’d)


Chapter Two - First 2 Pages (Sample)

The Horrendous Incident

Summoning his most cautious efforts yet, he gently laid the unconscious and seriously wounded Ki Ki on the rock. Immediately pumping Ki Ki’s chest and rubbing his body, Tommy anxiously attempted all the resuscitation methods he knew of in his efforts to revive the squirrel, but to no avail. Ki Ki gave no sign of life; only moving due to Tommy’s rubbing actions on his body and was as cold as before.

Tommy’s logic told him that Ki Ki was already dead, as he frantically searched his exhausted mind further for any ideas to save the squirrel. Nothing emerged.

As Tommy urgently dug deeper into his nearly exploding head for a solution, his eyes unwittingly wandered around before pausing at his backpack. Then, he saw something unusual happening before his very eyes. A long, rectangular patch glowed weakly from within the backpack.

With utmost curiosity, he approached his backpack and opened it, discovering that the glow was emanating from the towel he had wrapped around the ancient parchment!

The moment he touched the towel, he heard something in his head—a weak voice urging him to wrap the towel around Ki Ki.

He was bewildered, but there was no time to unravel the mystery behind this strange event. He quickly grabbed the softly glowing towel and wrapped Ki Ki in it, hands shaking in desperation and hope. There was nothing further he could do, besides praying hard for Ki Ki to be alive.

Waiting with impatience that impinged on his nerves agonisingly, Tommy stayed beside Ki Ki to look out for any possible sign of life. Then, as though his prayer was answered; something happened without warning—one of Ki Ki’s eyelids twitched!

Tommy caught the little movement and a glimmer of hope immediately shone in his eyes. 

However, this tiny movement appeared to be an insignificant one-off incident with no suggestion of continuing.

Under his persistent vigil, he detected a few more slight movements beneath Ki Ki’s eyelids. He instantly and gently massaged Ki Ki’s body, hoping to stimulate the squirrel into regaining consciousness, and then it became more obvious that Ki Ki’s eyelids were struggling to force themselves apart, eventually revealing his bleary eyes.

The joy of seeing Ki Ki waking up from ‘death’ almost made Tommy scream at the top of his voice. However, knowing full well that Ki Ki was in no condition to tolerate any further shock or loud noises, he forced himself to contain his excitement. At the same time, he was gratified to learn that the towel that he had wrapped around his mysterious parchment had performed a miracle by saving Ki Ki’s life.

Seemingly having done its duty, the towel lost its glow after Ki Ki was awake. It was now back to being a nondescript towel.

After the squirrel had regained consciousness, his blood started to flow better and ooze from his wounds, which still had some congealed blood on them. Tommy quickly tore up the towel into several strips to bandage the wounds and stem the bleeding.

Making sure that the squirrel was not disturbed by even his breath, he whispered, ‘Ki Ki, can you hear me?  I’m Tommy. How’re you feeling?’

Although his eyes were open, Ki Ki needed some time before he could focus them properly.

.                                                            .

When Ki Ki could see much better, he sputtered weakly and unbelievingly, ‘Oh…Tommy? Is that you? Ki Ki hopes it’s not a dream. Ki Ki’s very glad to see you…’ Tommy stopped Ki Ki from talking further, as his eyes were getting more bloodshot with every ounce of strength he took to speak.

‘I know you want to speak, but you need to rest first. You’ve just awakened from a coma, so take it easy,’ Tommy coaxed Ki Ki gently with a comforting smile. Ki Ki nodded, coughing convulsively a few times.

Tommy remembered the Crystals Dr Malcolm had used to rejuvenate his mind and body. He quickly pulled out the bag of Crystals from his jeans and tipped all the pieces into his water bottle. The water within frothed immediately, releasing white, sparkling bubbles.

Gently, he fed the Crystal-treated water to Ki Ki, whose eyes gradually turned normal as his body became warmer.

When Ki Ki began to show more positive signs of recovery, he slowly.…(to be cont’d)

Chapter Three - First 2 Pages (Sample) 

The Family’s Decision

They left Tommy’s bedroom and headed for the master bedroom. His father was lying half-awake on the bed. The penetrating pain from the nasty wounds on his legs kept him from getting a proper sleep.

When they walked in, he stirred and slowly opened his eyes. Tommy’s mother helped her husband to a sitting position with a pillow behind him and served him the medication, before briefly telling him about what Tommy had experienced and the two strangers who had come to their house earlier.

Tommy’s father, Alex Weaving, was built slightly stronger than the average man. Apart from a few strands of white hair at his temples, his hair was as thick and jet-black as Tommy’s. An honest and hardworking man, he was well-respected by many friends and colleagues.

His father’s sturdy face was stoked red with anger, as he growled and swore, ‘What a devilish act! I’ll break their legs as soon as I recover. They regard justice like trash. Someone must teach them a lesson, so that they’ll learn how to behave themselves!’

Tommy and his mother quickly calmed him down, and before his imagination ran amok, his wife cautiously fed him Tommy’s idea, informing him of the tentative plan they had come up with to tackle the current situation. His father might have a volatile temper at times, but he was always a good listener to his wife, who understood his temper like the back of her hand.

He remained quietly leaning against the pillow for a while after hearing what Tommy’s mother had to say. The furious hue ebbed from his face as he fell into deep thought with eyes staring into space.

It was not long before his eyes shifted back into focus and in a rather steady voice, he calmly delivered his verdict on his son’s proposal, ‘Well, since both of you have agreed on the plan, I’ll go along with it. By the way, son, are you sure you can handle this alone without me? This is not a simple matter. 

Couldn’t you wait for me to recover?’ His father needed to speak with effort, as he was also running a debilitating fever from infection.

‘Dad, I think the most important thing for you to do now is to ensure your speedy recovery. I know you really want to help me, but more people will suffer if this matter is delayed for too long. Moreover, Dr Malcolm will be in greater danger and Mum needs you around to be there for her.’

Normally, under no circumstances would Tommy’s father allow his son to face such difficult and dangerous tasks by himself. However, at that moment, his father just nodded reluctantly, accepting the harsh fact that he had to let his son venture out on his own this time.

In a solemn but caring voice, his father said, ‘I know that my injuries will take quite a long time to heal. Frankly speaking, I’m not even sure when I can start walking properly again. Nevertheless, you’ve made us proud, son. Maybe, what your mother has pointed out is right. It’s your responsibility to face your destiny by yourself. But please keep this in mind—come to us straight away if you need any help. We’ll always be there for you.’

‘Thank you, Dad. I’ll be in touch with you and Mum whenever I can. I’ll always be your dearest son,’ Tommy assured his parents. Then, he stepped forward, hugging his parents wholeheartedly. His father’s strong arms rested on their shoulders. Sad tears appeared at the corners of the eyes of the toughened man, who had forgotten the last time that he had shed tears.

After the heartfelt moment, a quick but thorough discussion amongst the whole family ensued, during which they drew up an urgent yet well-thought plan to evacuate their home.

The decision for them to give up their house came at a convenient time, as Tommy’s parents had already decided to sell it when they realised that his father’s injuries would not only take a long time to recover, but lead to the loss of his regular income too. His mother’s earnings were scarcely enough to pay for the house mortgage loan they had obtained from the private moneylender, who was fond of coming up with excuses to increase the interest rate.

When the plan was confirmed, Tommy and his mother left the room to start their quick and discreet packing of essential belongings, doing their best not to attract any attention from outside, while making preparations to vacate their home late at night under the cover of darkness.                                     .

It was a couple of hours past midnight when Tommy peeped through the window and checked that the coast was clear. After his parents had settled into their packed family car, he silently opened the wooden garage door …(to be cont’d)

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