The Ultimate Luxury Yacht Party Guide - Singapore

The Ultimate Luxury Yacht Party Guide - Singapore

Here's the brutal truth about planning for a yacht party:

It is REALLY stressful to plan a celebration and gather people together on land, let alone planning a party on the seas! 

Even though you'll get to spend quality time away from the bustling Singapore crowds, together with your friends and family enjoying the privacy from the deep blue..

Most people just give up and plan a simple celebration near a shopping mall and blow candles with a cake..

If only planning for a yacht party were that easy.. 

If you're serious about hosting the ultimate yacht party for your loved ones, you need to be very clear with what you want and understand what is required to plan one..

Well today, I’m going to share with you the 3 Steps to Planning a Successful Yacht Party.

1. Choose The Right Yacht

With so many yachts available to charter, the choice is often mind boggling.

Firstly, you need to know how many guests you plan on inviting.

Most yachts can host numbers in port way and above those they are permitted to cruise with. 

Our most popular yachts are SunRise - 18 Pax and Homeaway - 8 Pax with 2 crew on board.

For a party of under ten, you should easily be able to get away with a very small yacht or a terrific sail boat like Homeaway.

If you enjoy being in a spacious accommodation with fully air-conditioned settings, equipped with 3 shower rooms, you will appreciate a Catamaran like SunRise.

Secondly, Budget is an important factor for any party, especially complicated when it comes to yacht chartering.

Costs like service crew fee, fuel, utilities are usually included in the yacht charter fee, you have to make sure you find an operator that ensures all of the associated costs are discussed in advance.

Our partner, WhiteSails, the yacht charter fee includes (Captain, Service Crew, Fuel, Utilities, Kayaks, Snorkel Kits, and Fishing rods).

The 10 pax Floating Bar Rental and BBQ Pit Rental and Grilling Service are available in addition.

Thirdly, Book the boat you want as far in advance as you can.

This is especially true when you plan on having a boat party on or around a major holiday like National Day, as the boats tend to get booked out quickly during these times.

Why, you may ask?

What could be better than having your own exclusive floating venue to host your celebration with all the leisure equipment you need to enjoy life on the water including kayaks, snorkeling gear, fishing rods, and banana boats.

Luxury Yacht Rental - Water Activities

2. Entertain your guests

You can't gather a group of people together and expect them to entertain themselves do you?

To help guide the planning process, make sure you figure out a theme and inform your guests prior to the party.

If you can, come up with a theme that you and your group are interested in.

Need some ideas? Marina Bay Sands Casino Night, Murder mystery, Masquerade ball and Beach Style
 are just some of the more popular ideas.

Secondly, set the tone right.

Do you prefer a laidback, relaxing, light fun, just to enjoy each other's company at a day out in sea, or are you looking for maximum fun to host a full blown party to rock the seas?

You can even bring out your inner DJ to blast party music out in the seas!

Either way, some yachts provide equipment like Kayaks, Snorkel Kits, Fishing rodsFloating Bar Rental and even BBQ Pit Rental and Grilling Service for you and your guests to enjoy!

On our Sunrise cruise, we also have a Karaoke System for you to sing your hearts out!

Thridly, confirm the Itenary with your operator!

In Singapore, we highly recommended c
ruising around Singapore's Southern Islands aboard SunRise, before anchoring at Lazarus or St John's Island for 2-3 hours of swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, suntanning, fun on the beach, BBQ onboard and more.

The best part?

On your way back to the Marina, you can admire the breathtaking view of Singapore's iconic city skyline of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer with your loved ones.

 Luxury Yacht Charter - Activities

3. Don't forget the Food

What's a party without the good food and company?

Over the years, we have worked with catering companies and have long established relationships with a range of specialist on board caterers.

We have menus for 2, Parties of 10 and 18 respectively, ready for yours to choose!

If you have a preference for your own personal caterer, we warmly welcome your caterer to provide your special select menu for the party! 

Also, make prepare Lots of drinks & lots of ice. They are key for any party.

On our Sunrise Yacht charter, you can bring your own liquor! The corkage fee is waived for your special occasion! The rest is up to your imagination and personal enjoyment!

Event planner Elizabeth Allen offers this tip: “If you can’t afford a full bar, have red and white wines and a novelty cocktail.”

Luxury Yacht Rental - BBQ Food on Board!

With our top 3 planning tips, we hope this will help you plan for the perfect luxury yacht party in Singapore!

To discuss chartering a yacht for an event in Singapore, feel free to check out more information or Chat with us!  -

P.S Itching to go on a Yacht Party but you're too lazy to plan? Share the love with your friends!

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